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About Us

Veho was started with one simple concept; enjoying great vehicles for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one. Our one of a kind experience is truly for the sophisticated car enthusiast who wishes to experience different classic and exotic vehicles. Our professional yet relaxed environment provides a distinctive driving opportunity. Veho is the country club for the car enthusiasts. Our program makes it possible to satisfy an indulgence for luxury and exotic cars at a fraction of the cost of ownership. We offer a variety of flexible membership options that are designed to accommodate your needs and schedule, however membership is limited and offered by invitation or referral only.


Over 30 years of restoring and collecting various classic and exotic vehicles lead us to this concept. We soon discovered, like many other enthusiasts who have a passion for a particular vehicle, after working hard to obtain it they soon realized they wanted something else to drive. Veho solves this dilemma; do I drive a 1963 Corvette or 2009 Ferrari?

Club Membership

The use of vehicles is based upon a point system. Points are purchased in a variety of tiers and determine membership levels. The points assigned to the usage of the vehicle is based upon the following factors:

1. Tier of the vehicle
2. Day of the week of use
3. Number of days the car is reserved

You may use your points over a three year period

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